While exploring the city around your Punta Mita vacation rentals can be fun, blundering about in an unfamiliar location, getting lost and missing attractions you would have been interested in is no fun. Cities want visitors to have as fun a time as possible so they'll want to come back, which is why they create, promote, and assist in the writing of travel guides. If you want your vacation to be a success, you should consult a travel guide. Here are some places you might find one.


If your Toronto bed & breakfast has free internet and you've brought your computer or wi-fi device, you can look up the city's official online travel guide. You should read it over before you leave home, of course, but a smart phone is great for looking things up on the fly. The visitor and convention bureau official tourist website should have everything you need to know, including hotel and restaurant lists, attraction tickets, itinerary suggestions, and photos.

At the Bookstore

There's no guarantee that your real estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will have the internet, however, so your most reliable bet is to go low tech and buy a travel guide from your local bookstore before you leave. There are numerous travel companies that produce guidebooks according to formulas, with some of the best being Eyewitness, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and Fodor's. You can get region guides or individual city guides, but remember to get the latest edition so the maps, transit routes, and hotel prices will be up to date.

At the Library

If you can't afford to buy travel guides at the bookstore before you go (the good ones cost $30+), then visit your local Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Canada store and library to see what they have. The guides may be a few years out of date but as long as you don't take the restaurant prices as gospel you should be ok. The important things are the attractions and maps anyway. Just remember to renew it if you'll be gone more than two weeks.

At the Tourist Bureau

The cities themselves also give away basic tourist literature at their tourism offices. Drop in there as soon as you get in and pick up some free maps, brochures, and coupons. They'll also have a visitor's guide for you for free, but you'll have to put up with ads for Georgian Bay Islands for sale and remember that only restaurants and hotels that have paid for a listing will appear in this type of guide.

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