The immediate thought of anyone thinking about going on vacation, whether it's to Niagara Falls hotels in Canada or Palm Beach, is how much will a plane ticket cost? Can I afford to buy a plane ticket is a valid question that any potential traveler asks themselves before they start making any serious travel plans. There's no point in getting yourself excited to leave your New York or Newmarket Condos and go on a trip only to find out that you can't really afford it. That's not really much fun.

The thing is though that there are other travel options other than flying. Sure, some instances you have to take a plane because your final travel destination from your Palm Beach or Brampton condos is too far. That's understandable. However, there are times when you can take other modes of transportation for your vacation to Palm Beach or from Palm Beach to a piece of Mexico beachfront real estate vacation property. You can drive and go on a road trip. Or you can take a train.

Traveling by train can be a hassle-free way to see the countryside in an enjoyable fashion for you and the whole family. Whether you're traveling to Leslieville or Sacramento you can take a train as far as it will take you to or near your final travel destination. Travel by train can also be an inexpensive alternative to flying. It all depends on where you're going and how long it takes for you to get there.

The top train travel service in the U.S. is Amtrak. Amtrak can take you to and from pretty much any Canadian or American city by train at an affordable price. If you're not in much of a rush to get to your vacation spot then you really should consider traveling by train. There's no better travel option than train if you're interested in seeing the scenery of America's countryside. Looking out the windows during your train ride will allow you to see a variety of sights that you wouldn't be able to if you traveled by plane.

Traveling by train is fast, as some trains travel at speeds of up to 150 miles/hour. Traveling by train also allows for you to bring on board up to 250 pounds of luggage, much more than traveling by plane does. Most train stations are located in the downtown areas so traveling by train is convenient as you don't have to take a taxi from the airport to get to downtown like you would if you were flying. Then there's the added extra comfort of more legroom! No being cramped up next to a stranger like you would on a plane. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should travel by train and not plane.

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