Vacationing rule #1: You should never go on vacation without doing your travel budget before you even leave your Arlington real estate. No matter how much of a cushion you think you've built up financially, it's still very easy to overspend when you're on vacation, getting carried away buying souvenirs, going on day trips, and eating restaurant food. Here are some tips on budgeting for a vacation that you should take into consideration before you start your drive to Palm Beach.

Pad Your Gas Budget

Google can help you calculate the exact number of miles for your trip from Absolute Lofts - 77 Lombard St. to your pal's place in Palm Beach, so you may think you can figure out how much to put aside for gas easily. You can't. Gas doesn't always cost the same day to day, hour to hour, or place to place. Road conditions and terrain don't always give you your best possible mileage. Therefore it's always best to plan for more than you really think you'll need.

Don't Plan On Sleeping and Eating Cheaply

On a budget road trip, you can save a lot of money by buying your food from grocery stores and couch surfing with friends and family along the way, but you should never count on being able to do that, budget wise. Maybe you'll roll into town after the stores are closes and you'll find your friend has gone off to look at new condos in Mississauga. So have enough in the budget for a night at a motel and a meal at a diner every day just in case.

Leave Room For Repairs

As any halfway experienced NJ car service employee will tell you, even brand new cars can break down. There are a whole lot of car problems that can befall you on the road, including accidents, flat tires, leaks, and dead batteries. So make sure you have an emergency reserve fund set aside that can pay for a tow and the extravagant cost of repairs in a small town with only one garage.

Don't Forget the Incidentals

All you really need on a road trip is gas, sleep, and food, but in reality you're going to be spending money on a lot more than that. You're going to want to buy souvenirs. You'll have to pay tolls, pick up new camera batteries, get snacks on the road, buy more shampoo, buy admission tickets to attractions, replace the broken vase at your friend's Puerto Vallarta vacation condo, and more. So leave some in the budget to cover it.

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