With airlines tightening their regulations on luggage to the point where you're hardly allowed to bring anything with you, and airports stepping up their security to the point where you have to choose between radiation and groping, it's no surprise that many people have given up on air travel. But when they've got a week off from their job at the KMFRC, do they stay at home? No! They pack up their trucks and drive to their vacation destination. Lucky for you our huge continent has a wide variety of destinations to choose from. Palm Beach, Florida is one of the best.

Palm Beach is one of Florida's most popular tourist destinations. Every year this town of 10,000 swells to a population of 30,000 after the influx of retired debanders escaping the cold northern winters. The town's motto is "the best of everything," and they mean it. They've got the best weather, the best views, the best accommodations, and the best activities and attractions that you could hope for if you're looking for a relaxing tropical vacation. You won't find any gimmicky theme parks here, just genuine Florida hospitality and geography and a healthy dose of small town charm.

What is there to do in Palm Beach? Well, given the fact that it's a small town, you'd be surprised at how much there is to do! And since you've brought your truck, it will be easy to get around. There are museums, historic sites, parks, shopping areas, golf courses, art shows, spas, and of course: beaches! Pretty much anything you can think of to do in another larger Florida city you can do here without the huge crowds like the ones that show up whenever there are Toronto condominiums for sale. We can teach you about some of our favorite things to do in Palm Beach if you're interested.

Palm Beach was always a resort destination, which means it's got a more upscale feel than some of the other towns and cities in Florida. But not to worry, eating out and staying over in Palm Beach doesn't have to be as expensive as you might think. In addition to upscale restaurants and five star resort hotels, there are also standard hotels that look like a property off the MLS Newmarket, bed and breakfasts, and even campgrounds alongside reasonably priced bistros and inexpensive snack bars. We can show you some of the best places to eat and sleep on your budget.

So once you've lined up some flower girl dresses Toronto to pack up for charity, what does it take to drive your truck all the way from your home to Palm Beach? Well, if you live in Canada you'll have to cross the border and even if you don't, it will be a long drive complete with toll roads and overnight stays. We'll go over what to expect at a border crossing, how much to budget for fuel and overnight stays, and how to keep the kids occupied during the long drive. See the topics above to start learning.

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